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узоры от Versace
Узоры Версаче . . . . . . . . . Versace is a fashion and lifestyle brand for contemporary men and women who love glamorous luxury and distinctive personal style. Versace eyewear’s refined and innovative design is a celebration of timeless esclusivity and fashion forward elegance. The Maison’s Medusa and Greek key logos embellish the linear cutting-edge frames, which represent the ideal of a sophisticated...
 Juja - 13.03.2009 14:03:57
Сочетание цвета
сочетание цвета в одежде patterns . . . <Без имени>
 Juja - 07.03.2009 11:18:12
Dear Ladies!
Dear Ladies! I am glad to welcome you on my site, devoted to the design of nails. Please, leave your opinion and wishes and I will answer you in detail. Best regards, Liliya Nigmatullina -- ABOUT Professional artist and pedagogue, Liliya Nigmatullina is among the top three famous and welcomed teachers of nail-design in Russia. There are many unique techniques and training programmes for nail-design in her arsenal, victory in many Russian and international competitions on her account...
 Juja - 06.03.2009 18:57:50

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