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Лилия Нигматуллина

Профессиональный педагог. Профессиональный художник. Автор уникальных методик и учебных программ по nail-дизайну. Победитель российских и международных конкурсов. Конкурсный тренер по nail-дизайну. Автор многочисленных мастер-классов в профессиональных журналах.

Окончила Государственный Педагогический университет, художественно-графический факультет по специальности учитель рисования. Технологический институт сервиса, факультет художественного проектирования изделий легкой промышленности. Курсы декоративно-прикладного искусства по росписи, художественную школу.

Работала учителем рисования в школе, инженером конструктором, художником-иллюстратором в издательствах «ИзоИздат», «Стрекоза-Пресс», «АСТ-Пресс», преподавателем дизайна в ведущих учебных центрах по моделированию и дизайну ногтей в г. Москве. Преподавательский стаж более 10 лет. 

Участие в конкурсах:

II Международные Олимпийские соревнования в г. Санкт-Петербург. Дизайн ногтей в номинации "MIXMEDIA"/категория «Профессионалы» – 3 место, 2007 г.

III Открытый Независимый Чемпионат на КУБОК РОССИИ в г. Санкт-Петербург. Дизайн ногтей в номинации "MIXMEDIA"/категория «Профессионалы» – 2 место. «Трехмерный дизайн»/категория «Профессионалы» – 4 место, сентябрь 2007 г.

III Чемпионат по моделированию и дизайну ногтей в рамках выставки NailExpo. Дизайн ногтей в номинации "MIX MEDIA" – 1 место. Дизайн ногтей в номинации «Трёхмерный дизайн» гелевая технология" – 2 место, 2007 г.

I Открытый Независимый Чемпионат по Парикмахерскому Искусству, Декоративной Косметике и Нейл-Дизайну на Кубок Москвы Нейл-дизайн/Галерея дизайна/ категория «Профессионалы» – 1 место. Дизайн ногтей/Высшая лига – 3 место, 2007 г.

The Nailympics Competition в ЛОНДОНЕ – номинации MixMedia Nail Art Boxed/категория мастера – 3 место, 2008 г.

Награды, дипломы, медали, награждение - видео

Professional artist and pedagogue, Liliya Nigmatullina is among the top three famous and welcomed teachers of nail-design in Russia. There are many unique techniques and training programmes for nail-design in her arsenal, victory in many Russian and international competitions on her account.

For professionals of such level path to success is never simple. Liliya graduated from the State Teachers' Training Institute, the Graphic Arts Department, with specialty "Art Teacher", only to continue her education at the Faculty of Artistic Design of Light Industry Products in the Technological Institute of Service. She graduated from the 2-year Course of Arts and Crafts specializing in artistic painting.

But mastering the techniques, though important it is, makes only half an artist. When art is one’s life and passion, the vision and the range become much wider. Before focusing on nail-design, Lilia worked as a drawing teacher in high school, engineer designer of clothes, illustrator for the children's book publishing houses.

Then she took inspiration in drawing traditions of different countries and all that experience and vision to shape her own methods of nail-design. It became something unique and living, quite different from what can be found in other training schools, and something worthy to share.

Due to the teaching methods she has learned, adapted and created, Liliya’s workshops are efficient even for the beginners, although much of her training is dedicated to those, who are already established as masters, often helping them to prepare for contests in nail-design. Her teaching experience is over 7 years now, and includes work in the leading educational centers of nail design in Moscow. She is also author of numerous publications and workshops in professional magazines.
Liliya’s tutorials made her name popular among nail design professionals all over the world, from Saint-Denis on a small island Reunion in Indian Ocean to Jamaica and Brazil, from America to Japan, from Europe to Asia.

You might have seen Liliya’s famous work Jeanne d'Arc - it was presented at The Nailympics Competition, in London 2008. For not being presented by its author, the work was given only the 3d place, although in Moscow it took the 1st place and caused a great sensation among the experts. Here's a review of one of the judges: "It’s a very significant theme, it is perfectly reflected on all the nails. Excellent work: excellent performance!"

Nail design courses by Liliya Nigmatullina offer training of a very wide range - "Painting for Beginners", "One-stroke", "Watercolor Painting", "Zhostovo painting on nails” (which was adapted
by Liliya to perform with acrylic paint), acrylic modeling. She receives letters from teachers and nail-masters from various Russian and foreign training centres, and they often come to see her

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